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Our creative approach makes us different.

UV print, including in white, ecologic HP Latex and non-standard materials make our work give us a lot of pleasure. We keep surprising our customers with novelties and creativity.
The high standard of the machinery and well-developed process facilities make us well suited to handle high-volume orders, while keeping a high quality of print.

We also care about your environment; depending on the application we chose from among 4 printing techniques to meet the required standards.

hp latex

The water-based HP Latex inks are fully ecological and not inferior to those used in solvent technology. The obtained prints are high quality and are additionally resistant to scratches and weather conditions – including ultraviolet radiation.
HP latex technology means not only high quality prints, but also a multitude of applications outside and inside buildings, which are made possible by the environmentalism of this technology.
The use of interior design in the industry is particularly popular, because the prints are ecological and can be placed in rooms intended for permanent stay of people – they are odorless and do not emit harmful chemical compounds.

Ecologyconfirmed by numerous certificates:


The fact that we are ecological is confirmed not only by many certificates that we have obtained over the years of our activity.



We are glad that taking care of the environment in our industry is no longer an unrealistic image figment, and more and more companies are really changing their processes to minimize the negative impact on the environment.


If there is no final need, we do not misuse the printers in the office. We use ecological inks in production more and more often. We threw away paper cups for coffee, and yesterday new beautiful coffee cups arrived for us and for the guests (btw we have excellent beans from U Kawiarza). We turn off the light and draw each other's attention to small things that each of us sometimes forget about. We're not perfect, but we're making progress.

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99% of orders completed before the deadline
30 min – the maximum response time with standard pricing
8647 completed orders

Main products and print specs:

  • owjka paletowa - wydruk UV, mild-solvent, Latex - na materiałach: poliptopylen komorowy, frontlit, karton 200g z laminatem matt/gloss
  • wodoodporne plakaty z tworzywa -dowolny format,  wydruk UV - na materiałach: folia sztywna PCV, spienione PCV, folia bezbarwna, polipropylen komorowy
  • plakaty Citylight -wymiar 120x180cm, wydruk mildsolvent, Latex - 6 kolorów, na materiale - papier citylight 150g do podświetleń
  • naklejki podłogowe - szerokość 150cm, długość dowolona, wydruk UV, UV+white, mildsolvent, Latex
  • maty magnetyczne - szerokość do 120cm, długość dowolna, wydruk UV, Latex, na materiale: folia magnetyczna
  • topper - dowolny rozmiar dopasowany do regału lub miejsca ekspozycji, druk UV
  • listwa cenowa, shelf stopper - dopasowane do szerokości wymiaru, druk UV na PCV białym lub przezroczystym (druk z białym poddrukiem),
  • naklejka adhezyjna - wymiar dopasowany do szerokości rolki, wydruk mild solvent, UV, Latex, na materiale: folia adhezyjna, GRIP, optistick, cling Z
  • folia one-way-vision - dowolność wymiaru, wydruk mild solvent, UV, Latex, na materiale: perforowana folia owv, dziurkowana folia, biała