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Tell us what you need, what is your goal you want to meet. We will find, a  best solution for your needs. 
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15 years of experience, passion we have for our work is a warranty that we will provide you with a high quality product within your deadline. Due to our developed production process we can give you big volumes within short time. Drop us a line and find out.
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We are the expert if it comes to floor stickers. Tell us what type of floor surface you wish to applicate your marketing stickers and leave the rest to our team.
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Before you place your order…

It often happens that our clients ask us to print the very same design as last year, or even two years ago. We’ve seen companies refuse to make the smallest of changes to their printed marketing materials many years after they were developed. Now, is this really the optimal strategy in this dynamic world we live in? We believe not.

So before you order stickers, mats or POS materials for your business, ask yourself a fundamental question.

What strategy drives your advertising needs?

Lack of strategy is the biggest mistake you can make, the worst sin you can commit. Advertising stickers are designed to serve a specific predetermined purpose. Ideally, it should be defined in a way that will allow you to easily measure your ROI. Reflect on the role advertising stickers are to play amongst all your other marketing activities.

Now that you’ve answered that question, I have another one:

How do you intend to use them?

Naturally, how you wish to make use of them is directly related to your strategy, so you probably already know where you want them placed, how they should be displayed, what message they are to convey, and what your expectations are regarding your clients reacting to that message. Knowing all that will tell you all you need to know in terms of what you want your stickers to look like and what they’re supposed to say. A carefully designed projects can work wonders, so don’t rush your team. Most probably, the more time they spend refining the project, the better results you will get later on.

If you need a hand answering these questions or if you’re looking for tips on how to use stickers in your strategy – we’re here to help! Materials we have helped create played a vital role in many marketing strategies across many industries, so it is very likely our advice will make all your doubts go away.

We really care about the performance of our stickers and POS materials. It is our mission that they fulfil their role and bring you a good return on investment.

Tymoteusz Kubik
Marketing manager

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