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Get a perfectly saturated graphic and the view outside!

You want to have shop windows covered and transparent? You are at the right place! You will receive a colourful graphic without fear of losing your street view. In addition persons passing shop windows or glass facades with such a film applied cannot look inside the store.

We want you to know that the working principle of OWV film is using the contrast. Graphics are no longer visible at night when you switch the lights on. We are familiar with the problem, but also with a great solution: One Way Vision DN film.


przepuszczalność światła: 30-50%

light permeability: 30-50%

certyfikaty do zastosowań komunikacyjnych

certificates for communication applications

dowolna wielkość grafiki

graphic in any size

ekspozycja do 12 miesięcy

up to 12 months of exposure


Twój przekaz reklamowy jest widoczny, ale nie przesłaniasz sobie witryn

Clients can see your advertising message and you can see the outside

masz pełną widoczność od wewnątrz budynku

full visibility from inside the building

zyskujesz 2 funkcje grafiki: reklamową oraz dyskretną

you gain 2 functions from the graphic: an advertising function and a discrete function

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