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FULL wrap window graphics

Do you often apply film on 10, 100, 1000 outlets?

Your marketing campaigns require frequent changes of graphics, and short lead time is critical to your business? You dream about unique advertising exposure on windows of your chain stores or petrol stations? Would you like to surprise pedestrians and install a not-necessarily-rectangular design on a travel agency?

No sweat! We will provide support in graphic design, we will quickly print thousands of square meters of graphics, and we will apply them at indicted locations. Think then, what you are going to apply to your show windows or glazed facades. We have fulfilled many dreams of our customers as regards non-standard shop windows!


doskonale nasycona grafika dowolnej wielkości

perfectly saturated graphic in any size

nieregularny i niepowtarzalny kształt

irregular and unique shape

klej usuwalny lub trwały

removable or permanent adhesive

ekspozycja 3-24 miesiące

3-24 months of exposure


oszczędzasz czas i pieniądze zlecając nam produkcję i montaż

you save time and money by ordering production and installation from us

zyskujesz pewność, że nawet kilkaset punktów zostanie wyklejone w wyznaczonym terminie

you make sure that hundreds of outlets are covered within the deadline

rozpoczniesz swoją kampanię w kilkunastu miastach tego samego dnia

you can launch your campaign in a dozen cities on the same day

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