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Elegance and improved safety in premises.

You work in a glazed office and feel like a fish in a bowl? Everyone looks at your desk when passing by…Thanks to the application of frost effect on glazed surfaces your conference room or office will get a toned down and prestigious character and you will enjoy your privacy. Using various technologies we are able to make your frost white, coloured or attractively cut.

It happens all the time: employees or customers who are deep in thought do not notice the transparent glass and crash into it. Such accidents can be avoided! Pursuant to health and safety regulations, glazed surfaces should be adequately marked in a visible place. Let us help you protect the safety of persons in your office. Put us to the test!


daje efekt piaskowanego szkła

sanded glass effect

nie zaciemnia pomieszczenia przepuszczając światło

does not block the light entering premises

możliwość zadruku oraz nadania dowolnych kształtów

possibility of printing and cutting to various shapes

klej kanalikowy albo permanentny

Hex’Press or permanent adhesive


tworzysz eleganckie i estetyczne wnętrze

you create an elegant and aesthetic interior

łatwo budujesz poczucie prywatności

you create an ambience of privacy easily

uzyskujesz wyższe bezpieczeństwo w budynku

you obtain improvements in building safety

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