Projekt Internacjonalizacji

WALL stickers

Change the ambience of the interior quickly.

Can you imagine that advertising messages or interior decorations may be changed in a snap? Think. The event is coming to your restaurant, and you just apply the graphic on your wall. This way you attract the attention and are remembered – just what you like.

For an office, hotel, private apartment or public building? We are sure that we have a wall sticker to meet your expectations. We have been expanding our knowledge for 12 years, working with leaders from various sectors, and we really know our business. Use it!


łatwa aplikacja

easy application

wersje laminowane, suchościeralne, do rysowania

laminated, whiteboard, drawing board variants

specjalny wzmocniony klej

special strength adhesive

możliwość cięcia po obrysie

contour cutting


masz możliwość przeprowadzenia nietypowej kampanii eventowej

you have the opportunity to conduct non-standard vent campaign

możesz ciekawie zaaranżować wnętrze

you ma arrange an interesting interior

szybko wprowadzasz zmiany w pomieszczeniach

you can make quick changes to interiors

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