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TWO-SIDED stickers

Clear graphics on both sides of the carrier

Has it ever happened to you that a two-sided sticker which was placed on both sides of the carrier with the wrong side out was illegible? The light barrier used by us prevents layout from shining through! Years of working for leaders in many sectors taught us a lot about needs such as yours.

Damage? Vandalism? We are also ready to remedy that. Application of film from the inside prevents tampering with the film and compromising its strength. Do not waste your precious time looking for solutions. Let us adapt solutions to what you need.


doskonale nasycona grafika dowolnej wielkości

perfectly saturated graphic in any size

zastosowany klej punktowy

spot adhesive

klejenie od wewnątrz

application from the inside

łatwa aplikacja

easy application


masz dwustronny przekaz reklamowy na jednym nośniku

you have a two-sided advertising message on a single carrier

możesz zamieścić różne kreacje po obu stronach nośnika

you may display different creations on both sides of the carrier

zyskujesz wyższą odporność na uszkodzenia przez osoby trzecie

you gain higher resistance to damage

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