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You draw attention by using light.

Imagine that when you sleep your advertising message is clearly visible to pedestrians, which improves your chances for profit on investment in advertising. When reflected, the sparkle of light attracts lots of looks.

Our team has completed many orders for billboards and vehicle stickers utilizing reflective items. We know well what to do to prevent the reflective objects from tearing off the base, reaching the maximum durability. Do not waste your time on indifferent partners – bet on reliability.


powłoka odbijająca światło

reflective coat

możliwość dowolnego kształtu

various shapes available

ekologiczny druk latex

environmentally-friendly latex print

wersja gładka lub plaster miodu

smooth or honeycomb variant


otrzymujesz lepiej widoczny przekaz reklamowy nocą

you have a night time advertising message with better visibility

doskonale wyróżniasz się wśród konkurencji

you stand out clearly from your competitors

możesz zamieszczać reklamy w nieoświetlonych lokalizacjach

you may place your ads in unlit locations

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