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FLOOR graphics

Creative development of space, where customers move.

Floor is a relatively little used ad carrier, which improves your chance to stand out. We may surprise you, but floor stickers can be also applied to other surfaces than floors. There are even more opportunities!

Swimming pools, sports fields, market halls, events or office space carpet lining? Decide where to apply the sticker, we will match the material and technology. We have been developing solutions appreciated by the greatest brands for years now. Put us to the test!


certyfikat antypoślizgowy

R9 anti-slip certificate

różne technologie druku

various printing techniques

materiały dedykowane różnorodnym powierzchniom

materials dedicated to various surfaces

warianty krótko lub długookresowe

short-term and long-term variants


otrzymujesz rozwiązanie dopasowane do wybranej powierzchni

you receive a solution perfectly suited for your selected surface

zamieszczasz przekaz tam, gdzie jest mało Twojej konkurencji

you place your message where there are few competitors

szybko organizujesz zwracającą uwagę kampanię

you can organize an attractive campaign quickly


naklejki podlogowe standard

Standard protection, non-slip laminate is designed for flat surfaces like panels, pvc or tiles.


Z laminatem LG

It has very high resistance to abrasion, scratching and detergents. It is most often used in shops and shopping arcades.

With white print

Z białym nadrukiem

It is a type of print made on a transparent film, which gives you unlimited possibilities of creating an advertising message.

For contact with water

Do kontaktów z wodą

With a laminate outline, it is designed for surfaces exposed to a large amount of detergents and water, eg large sales halls, a swimming pool.

Gold or silver color

W kolorze złotym lub srebrnym

This is a novelty among the forms of floor stickers and undoubted leader among advertising creations. It gives a sense of exclusiveness and uniqueness.

For carpets

Na wykładziny

These types of stickers do not damage carpets and do not leave any glue on them. What’s more, they are characterized by high resistance to tearing.



Designed for application on asphalt, paving stones or flagstones, it will attract passers-by for example during cultural events.

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