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EASYDOT stickers

The product is developed based on knowledge of needs such as yours.

We considered developing a product with maximum number of needs satisfied by a single carrier as a great adventure. Flexible, sturdy design suitable for smooth, or even a little coarse, surface – sounds great, right?

You can apply EasyDot stickers yourself, in a matter of seconds, which is ideal for advertising at commercial and service outlets or during events. Strong adhesive, in the form of dots, guarantees good adhesion to surfaces, but you may as well just move it to another location! Try it and you will love it, just like others do.


bardzo łatwa aplikacja

very easy application

forma biała, bezbarwna, szroniona, do pisania kredą

white, transparent, frost, blackboard form

elastyczny materiał

flexible material

różnorodne formy dedykowane odmiennym powierzchniom

various forms dedicated to various surfaces


naklejasz bez wzywania ekip monterskich

apply without calling an installation team

szybko i łatwo od ręki aplikujesz produkt

you can apply the product quickly and immediately

masz możliwość repozycjonowania nośnika

possibility of repositioning the carrier

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