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ADHESIVE free stickers

No traces on sensitive surfaces.

You want to apply an ad on a monitor screen, varnished furniture or a glass shop window? You can apply what you want on glass panes, walls and many other surfaces. Can we prepare the application aspect of the print? Yes, we’ll do everything for you!

We are people of passion – tell us what you need and we will match the carrier execution technology to your location of choice. Put us to the test!


przyczepność na zasadzie przyciągania elektrostatycznego

adhesion principle is electrostatic attraction

brak śladów po demontażu

no traces after detaching

możliwość druku od strony aplikacji

application side print

łatwa aplikacja

easy application


nie uszkodzisz delikatnych powierzchni

you are not damaging sensitive surfaces

możesz wielokrotnie przenosić nośnik z miejsca na miejsce

you may move the carrier around

prosto i szybko organizujesz kampanię reklamową

organize your campaign quickly and easily



It features high UV resistance, may be contour cut, and applied on the graphic side. Ideal for flat glazed surfaces.



Available in a white variant and in a transparent variant, may be contour cut and laminated to improve durability.

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