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It has been known for a while that advertising stickers have the power.

You surely know that -you can see them in nearly every sales or service outlet. When you are with us, you do not have to worry which material to chose. Tell us your goal and we will match the optimum solution to help you achieve it.

12 years of experience and our passionate team guarantees that you will receive the product to your satisfaction. In addition, we are able to produce large volumes in a short time, to save your schedule. Our logistics and focus on details were greatly appreciated by specialists supervising the marketing campaigns of recognized brands. We are confident that you will come to love it too – check it out for yourself!

nowoczesna technologia druku

modern printing technology

wsparcie przy doborze materiału do podłoża

support in the selection of material for the substrate

krótkie terminy realizacji

short lead times


naklejki podłogowe

floor stickers

for internal and external applications

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naklejki dwustronne

double-sided stickers

distinct and clear message on both sides of the carrier

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naklejki odblaskowe

reflective stickers

drawing attention through the use of light

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naklejki bezklejowe

glue-free stickers

no trace on delicate surfaces

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naklejki easydot

EasyDot stickers

product developed on the basis of knowledge about needs

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naklejki metalizowane

metallised stickers

silver or gold creation of an advertising message

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naklejki ścienne

wall stickers

used for quick room arrangement

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