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We have gained all our experience by implementing orders for both industry leaders and smaller brands. Thousands of customers have put their trust in us and they appreciate our quick response time, excellent task management and attention to detail.


dotMedia has been our partner for the last three years. Over time, we have jointly executed 27 projects, which came down to the broadly understood branding of office spaces. Consulting services along with graphic design in line with our brand’s DNA were always met with approval. Expressive wall graphics, glass boards as well as many other elements installed in our offices stirred up some incredibly positive emotions amongst our employees.
The dotMedia team would time and again show creativity. On the basis of research and a detailed interview, they were able to offer us a number of products that often expanded our horizons concerning a given project that we were carrying out together.


Head of Administration


dotMedia implemented for us the modern branding of our renovated offices. At every stage of the entire process: from the designs, through production of materials, all the way to the final execution, contact with the company was smooth and professional. We are incredibly pleased not only with the result, but also the high quality of the materials used and the company’s timeliness.


General Manager

TP-Vision Polska

After several years of cooperation, I can say with a clear conscience that I appreciate the professionalism and high quality of the services rendered by dotMedia. Especially praiseworthy are the speed of order execution, the high quality of print, and the amazing professionalism of the people representing the company, Ms Katarzyna Dudek and Mr. Grzegorz Oszust in particular.


Operations Manager

in-Store Media Polska

We would like to express our gratitude to dotMedia for their model cooperation and diligent approach to their duties. The broad experience and skills presented by the company’s employees let us easily achieve our goals. Undoubtedly, for the next tasks, we will turn to dotMedia with them.

Henryk Niemiec

Marketing director

Serafin Maszyny

dotMedia’s professionalism, reliability and work ethic deserve to be recommended to the company’s future clients. I choose them for subsequent projects, as I am certain that I will get with the values that matter to me: timeliness, quality, and punctuality.


Sales and Marketing Director

Pink Pepper Media Sp. z o.o.

We have used the services of dotMedia when ordering the production of the following materials: double-sided stickers, wobblers, toppers and banners. Not only were the delivered products elegant and durable, they also met our highest quality requirements.


Sales and Marketing Director

Polska Grupa Marketingowa

We have been cooperating with dotMedia printing house for over nine years. Over the years, we would commission diverse types of work, such as prints on self-adhesive film, stickers, floor graphics or stickers dedicated to car trailers.
All orders were always carried out on time and using materials of the highest quality. Our long-term cooperation is testament to the excellent skills of the company’s employees, demonstrated through an individual approach to us as their client and each of our orders.


Agencja Vena Art

We began our cooperation with dotMedia Tomasz Czelej Sp.j. back in 2009. The company has since then executed for us various advertising and POS display materials.
In carrying out our orders, the dotMedia printing house proved to be a responsible partner with a professional approach to the services they provide. One also cannot overestimate that fact that our vision has thus far always been accurately interpreted as well as our needs, not to mention invaluable advisory services when refining advertising projects.
All orders were always carried out on time and were of highest quality, and the service at all stages of the sales process was friendly and competent.
All of the above allows me to recommend dotMedia as a reliable and proven partner.

Zbigniew Nowakowski



dotMedia is a proven partner of ours, and communication is one of the strengths of our cooperation. At every stage of production, it is clear, professional, and very friendly, which gives us a sense of security, knowing we are in safe hands. In projects implemented under time pressure, such communication is of terrific value. Thanks to Mr. Grzegorz Oszust’s technical knowledge, professional advice, and composure in stressful situations, we have never worried in any moment of implementation of even the most complex joint projects. We were free to create and design, and then we wait peacefully for the delivery of our products.
Time-effective solutions and peace of mind are values that are very much in demand nowadays. The final stage of the project, which is the assembly of the ordered products, without exception takes place in accordance with the deadline and with highest standards of service in mind – beginning with contact and ending with final acceptance. The results often exceed our expectations. When you’re a customer, it’s something you’re always looking for.
Thanks to their versatile experience and keen eye, the dotMedia technical team shortens the implementation time and saves their clients’ money. These key factors from our clients’ perspective, which gives us as agency an additional sense of security.


General Manager

You Know Creative Team