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Pointof sale

Raise your selling stats with printed POS materials.
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Types of application

We know what you need when you’re looking for the perfect large format backlit prints: extremely saturated hi-res graphics! The vinyl backlit is a “front print / front view” product, perfect for illuminated coffers and light boxes ensuring vivid colours and flawless print.
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Sometimes you need smaller quantities of printed materials, and we are well aware of that. That is why we offer you digital versions of your posters in small quantities. But what is most important is that rapid, almost instantaneous development of numerous layouts is basically a walk in a park. Our clients have benefitted many times from our expertise in this field. Don't want to print 10,000 copies? All right – a short-term promotional campaign will be a proverbial piece of cake! And there’s more. A version of a poster, made of plastic instead of cardboard, can be used to decorate your office, hotel or petrol station. Check it out!
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By the time you get to the end of this sentence, you would have moved a magnetic mat at least 3 times to a different place. That’s how it is to use magnetic mats and move them from one place to another. Household appliances, information boards, display windows – wherever there are metal elements, there is room for your ad. A company car with a company log after hours can become completely private. All you have to do is remove the logo printed on a magnetic mat!
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A cardboard overlay is easily applied and replaced. It will be perfectly visible in any shopping centre, increasing your chances of getting your message across to a larger target group. And this is also a great way to make use of free space. Why should you waste a chance for extra profit? Oh, we deliver as many as 99% of all orders well ahead of schedule. But don’t take our word for it – test us!
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We all have spent a lot of time in queues at the checkout. And this is where advertising can come in handy attracting the attention of potential customers. What can you put on such a sticker? Anything from information about a competition to special offer to come the following week, maybe a teaser of new product? It’s all up to your creativity.
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Chaos – this is what the world would be like in one word without markings or information. Fortunately for us, there is a solution to that problem in the form of display boards. Door signs in an office building, street signs, or maybe an engraved plaque? No matter what you have in mind, we got you. Would you like your display to have an unusual shape? No problem – let us take care of that too! All you have to do is just tell us what you want to achieve, what your objective is, and we will find the right solution. You can trust experience and passion.
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A topper placed on top of a shelf or refrigerator in a store is how customers are basically called to a product from a distance, like a ship towards a beacon. The visibility of this medium is exceptionally high, and its quality even higher, because what you want is to emphasise the design of the store or how your shelves are organised. Toppers are the perfect solution for in-store branding, sales network décor or highlighting your product. They are available in all sizes, and the material they are made of is specifically chosen for that one specific purpose you have in mind – tailor-made and highly customised. The highest quality of UV print will make your store look like the place of your dreams. See some of our sample projects!
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Not many promotional campaigns can be executed swiftly without interchangeable price strips. Assembly literally takes a couple of seconds, so you are basically not longer than a moment away from the launching your perfect campaign.
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A good solution whenever you need to make a product stand out easily and quickly, for example, highlighting that it is “NEW!”.
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Before you place your order…

It often happens that our clients ask us to print the very same design as last year, or even two years ago. We’ve seen companies refuse to make the smallest of changes to their printed marketing materials many years after they were developed. Now, is this really the optimal strategy in this dynamic world we live in? We believe not.

So before you order stickers, mats or POS materials for your business, ask yourself a fundamental question.

What strategy drives your advertising needs?

Lack of strategy is the biggest mistake you can make, the worst sin you can commit. Advertising stickers are designed to serve a specific predetermined purpose. Ideally, it should be defined in a way that will allow you to easily measure your ROI. Reflect on the role advertising stickers are to play amongst all your other marketing activities.

Now that you’ve answered that question, I have another one:

How do you intend to use them?

Naturally, how you wish to make use of them is directly related to your strategy, so you probably already know where you want them placed, how they should be displayed, what message they are to convey, and what your expectations are regarding your clients reacting to that message. Knowing all that will tell you all you need to know in terms of what you want your stickers to look like and what they’re supposed to say. A carefully designed projects can work wonders, so don’t rush your team. Most probably, the more time they spend refining the project, the better results you will get later on.

If you need a hand answering these questions or if you’re looking for tips on how to use stickers in your strategy – we’re here to help! Materials we have helped create played a vital role in many marketing strategies across many industries, so it is very likely our advice will make all your doubts go away.

We really care about the performance of our stickers and POS materials. It is our mission that they fulfil their role and bring you a good return on investment.




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