Projekt Internacjonalizacji


The broad range of Unilever products provides great opportunities for creating interesting and inspiring interiors. Although each Unilever brand is presented in the way characteristic to such brand, all graphics are consistent. The project, implemented on 4 floors of the office building consisted in adaptation, production and application of beautiful graphics. Such implementation is pure pleasure..

VOLVO Polska

We are positive that interiors of theVolvo Polska office building will be remembered by all visitors. Plates next to doors, cabinets with stickers, whiteboards incorporated in graphics and partition walls – all consistent with the automotive world, brand values and corporate design. Implementation using all kinds of materials matching the background for the best effect and durability.


Lionbridge is among the world’s largest providers of translation and localization services. The interior of the Polish office of Lionbridge undoubtedly relates to the modernity, innovation and complexity of tasks. The main lobby is decorated with a map presenting the company’s branches all over the world. All branding is maintained in the brand colour and special decorations add to interior elegance.