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High quality store branding

A topper is installed as the crowning of a rack or fridge, and its role is to lead the customer from afar, almost “by the hand”. Visibility of this carrier is very high, and the quality is even higher because underlining the store decoration or store rack is very important to you.

This is a perfect medium for in-store branding, chain decoration or underlining your product. Any topper size, adapting the material to installation site, and high quality of UV print will make your store look as it deserves!
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różne kształty i formy

various shapes and forms

wykonanie z plexi, płyt kompozytowych i innych materiałów

execution in plexiglass, composite boards and other materials

możliwość podświetlania

optional lighting

różne metody montażu

various mounting methods


Twój brand świetnie się prezentuje

Your brand looks great

parametry materiału idealnie dostosowane do Twoich potrzeb

material parameters are perfectly suited to your needs

zaskocz swoich Klientów dowolnym kształtem

surprise your customers with any shape you want

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