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SHELFS talkers

Have customer’s attention exactly where you want it.

We are confident that you have noted shelfstoppers “projecting” from shelves – it’s almost like 3D ad. The “attracting of looks” effect is further enhanced here. Use it and get a high return on investment in advertising! Shelfstoppers may be attached to price strips or mounted to previously unused sides of racks.

We know well that this solution is ideal anywhere you need to make your product stand out – e.g. using the “new” motive.


łatwy montaż

easy installation

różnorodny kształt

various shapes

mocowanie na zatrzaski lub taśmy samoprzylepne

mounted with snap clamps or adhesive tapes

możliwe obrotowe elementy

optional rotating elements


przyciągasz uwagę dzięki

you are attracting attention thanks to the carrier “projecting” outside the shelf area

możesz wyróżnić konkretne produkty

you can single out specific elements

docierasz do wszystkich Klientów odwiedzających aleję zakupową

you reach all the customers in the aisle

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