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SALE price strips

Customized ads attract attention.

Not many promotional campaigns can be launched so fast, only those employing the exchangeable price strip. Installation takes, literally, a few seconds, so you can start promotion any minute now.

Adapting grey and empty fragments of racks is a very popular service – and no wonder: it attracts looks of many prospective shoppers. We provide a variety of colours, materials and sizes match the sizes of shop racks, all to satisfy your needs. Put us to the test!


wersje kolorowe, bezbarwne lub z białym wybiórczym kolorem

colourful versions, transparent versions, versions with selective white colour

różne kształty

various shapes

łatwy i szybki montaż

fast and easy installation

dostosowanie do regałów i lad chłodniczych

adaptation to racks and refrigerated counters


możesz zagospodarować puste elementy regału

you may rearrange empty spaces of the rack

wyróżniasz i oznaczasz markę na półce

you stand out and identify the brand on the shelf

szybko organizujesz akcje promocyjne

quick organization of promotional actions

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