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DISPLAY boards

Signpost for your target group.

Chaos – that is one word to describe a world without marking or information. Fortunately, you know very well that display boards solve this problem. Marking on office building doors, plates with street names, or maybe engraved plates? Whatever your idea, we have the material.

You want your display to have a unique shape? Let us cherish your idea! Just tell us what your goal is, and we will find a suitable solution based on years of experience and passion. Put us to the test!


dowolne kształty i grubości

any shape and thickness

wykonanie z plexi, płyt kompozytowych i innych materiałów

execution in plexiglass, composite boards and other materials

wersje grawerowane, bezbarwne, drukowane od wewnątrz

engraved, transparent, printed inside variants

różne metody montażu

various mounting methods


masz widoczną informację o swojej ofercie

you have a visible information on your products

możesz stworzyć ciekawą ekspozycję

you may create an interesting display

otrzymujesz nośnik dostosowany do Twoich potrzeb

you have the carrier perfectly suited to your needs

WE did it

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