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COVERS for sensing gates

Empty space for development visible from far away.

We know you are busy… We have been working with brands for many years now, and therefore, to save our Customers’ time, we complete 99% long before the deadline. While other providers will complain about having to provide various sizes of covers for sensing gates, we will just provide them.

You can apply and change the cardboard cover easily. It is visible from far away in a shopping center, improving your chances to attract a larger group of customers. This is a great way to use the free space – why waste a chance to make money?


nośnik wykonany z tektury

carrier made in cardboard

łatwy montaż i wymiana

easy installation and substitution

możliwość laminowania

optional lamination

lekki nośnik o gramaturze 350g

light carrier, grammage 350 g


zyskujesz przekaz reklamowy widoczny z daleka

you have an advertising message visible from far away

wykorzystujesz dodatkową przestrzeń reklamową

you are using additional advertising space

możesz szybko przeprowadzać kampanie

you can organize a campaign quickly

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