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When you need a small volume in a short time.

We know that sometimes you want to order smaller quantities of prints and we can provide small volumes of digital versions of posters. The most important thing of all is, however, that for us quick preparation of multiple layouts is a piece of cake. This is why we are appreciated by our Customers.

You do not want to print 10,000 copies? No sweat. Organization of a short-term promotional campaign shall be easy as ABC! This is not all. The poster variant made in plastic, not in cardboard, may decorate the interior of an office, hotel or petrol station. Use it!


różne formaty

various formats

różnorodna gramatura i materiał

various grammage and materials

druk cyfrowy

digital print

nasycone kolory grafiki

saturated colours


szybko organizujesz akcje promocyjne

quick organization of promotional actions

możesz stworzyć krótkie serie różnych layoutów

you may create short series of various layouts

nie musisz przepłacać za niski nakład druku offsetowego

you do not have to pay more for low volume offset prints

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