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Logistics and assembly

At dotMedia, we know no limits and impossible is nothing!

about the product

Having a vast network of assembly teams, we specialise in what others consider “Mission Impossible”.


Yes, for one of the leaders in the FMCG industry, we assembled Christmas advertising stands in that many supermarkets all over Poland – all that within just a couple of days in December. 

All assembly works took place in a record time of 28 hours 39 minutes. With an in-app reporting system, our client could oversee the progress in all locations in real time.

dotMedia’s 23 expert teams scattered all over Poland performed this amazing task, working tirelessly at stores in major urban centres and small towns close to the country’s borders.

Sometimes you just have to brag. And we believe this is one of those occasions. After all, we have 111 reasons…

Piqued your interest, haven’t we?

Try us!

Who does this department report to? Grzegorz!

Logistics and assembly services all over Poland initially were not in the scope of our business.

And that’s precisely why Grzegorz joined our team. Not only is he in charge of this department, but he is also our Operations Director.

He’s the maestro behind the execution of the most complex projects.

And these include (but are not limited to): regular decoration of display windows at all UPC customer service locations – simultaneously, logistics related to shipping several tonnes of magnetic mats to 15 locations to various European destinations, or the above-mentioned assembly of POS stands in record time.

He’s one of those experts that you would love to work with.

Wouldn’t you?

Reach out to him at – just make sure add the word “URGENT” in the subject field. You know, just in case. 😉