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Parameters based on experience.

We have created the perfect roll-up with you in mind, because we know what you want. We gave it a stable and solid structure, so you can use it for many years to come. The visuals always stay straight and never curl up. The back is silver (grey), which makes the roll-up even more elegant. The latex print is beautifully saturated, and is also ecological and odourless. With the perfect roll-up, you care for the environment.

From now on, you will never mix up your roll-ups, as each will be labelled with a miniature version of the visuals inside. The case is convenient and will easily fit all of the advertising material inside.

Each component is carefully selected so that you save time and are fully satisfied. You will be able to replace the visuals for free, as you only pay for the print-out.


ekologiczny druk latex

ecological latex printing

stabilna, prosta i trwała konstrukcja

simple but stable and solid structure

stabilna kaseta typu Strong

stable Strong cassette

Idealna sztywność grafiki

firm display


dzięki miniaturce nie pomylisz nigdy więcej rollupa

identifying label – no mix-ups

doskonale reprezentuje Ciebie: jest stabilny i solidny

roll-up that is stable and solid, just like you

wygodny pokrowiec zapewnia komfort korzystania

case ensures convenient use

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